Welcome to the PMO Manifesto


A PMO will always be able to articulate how they either lead or support the Organizations Strategy and the business problem or opportunity that projects are providing a solutions for.

The PMO will uncover better ways of improving, governing, controlling, and assuring change within an organization, leading by example and helping others to accomplish it.


Through this work PMOs have come to value:

*   Individuals and Collaboration over processes and tools.

*   Enabling Change over Restraining Delivery.

*   Forecasting the Future over reporting the past.

*   Striving for Improvement over accepting the status quo.

That is, while there is value in the items on the right…

……… we value the items on the left more



Principles behind the PMO Manifesto


1 – A PMO’s highest priority is to improve the execution of an organization’s strategic objectives by ensuring the right things are being delivered, and these things are being delivered right.

2 – PMOs aim to continuously improve project and program delivery, by using lessons learned to develop the organization’s portfolio, project and program capability.

3 – PMOs focus on facilitating and collaborating with Project and Change people rather than “police and tell”; collaboration is critical to developing and enabling effective change within organizations.


4 – PMOs ensure Projects and Program have an agreed business case, defined outcomes and a benefits realization plan aligned to the Organizations Strategic aims and objectives; All PMO’s will know what business problems and/or solutions their projects are delivering.

5 – PMOs ensure that Projects, Programs and Portfolio’s follow an appropriate gated lifecycle with supporting governance for effective decision-making; the lifecycle should go from Strategic Alignment, through Design and Delivery on to Benefits Realisation.

6 – PMOs deliver project and program level metrics to answer the question “Are we doing things right?”, and portfolio level metrics to answer the question “Are we doing the right things?”.


7 – PMOs ensure that all plans contain agreed outcomes and agreed requirements, deliverables, effort, resources, and mitigating risk actions prior to being baselined; effective planning produces efficient delivery.

8 – PMOs always have a clear view of all costs and resources (and what the resources are working on).

9 – Prior to being presented for approval through Governance, PMOs ensure that any proposed project or program changes include a clear statement of the options available and their impact to the business case and organizations strategy; this can include recommendation to stop projects or programs.


10 – PMOs report not just accurate and timely facts, statements and metrics, but also what these mean, potential options and a recommendation – They help with ‘telling the story’  and an emphasis on being concise with the usefulness of information to the decision-maker.

11 – PMOs focus on the future rather than the past – so where appropriate risks should be mitigated before they become issues.

12 – PMOs design business processes to require minimal effort to maintain; so that the output information is more valuable than the effort taken to generate it.


Download the full pmo manifesto (pdf)



PMO Manifesto


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Lenny DESCAMPS UK Best Management Practices Manager at APMG 19/02/2014 13:19
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angela bonnett uk PMO Analayst 19/02/2014 10:09
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Mohamed Aboulkassem France 11/02/2014 15:43
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Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton United Kingdom EU PMO Manager, Office Depot 06/02/2014 20:22
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